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About Reviews and Social Media

I’m thinking a lot these days about what I’m gonna do with this website. Having the freedom to do anything I want actually makes me wonder: what should I do?
So I decided to take baby steps, and not wondering too much about the big picture.

I’d like to talk about Magic: The Gathering, one of my biggest passions in the latest years, but I still don’t know what exactly I should write about, since I only play EDH (Commander) and sometimes I play Limited (sealed and draft). So I decided to put on hold that section of the site until I find something to write about. Or until someone joins me in this tiny adventure.

I decided to open a Facebook page for Roll ‘n’ Play, where I’ll post articles and I’ll discuss news and what I’m playing before writing about it on here.

Most important, I decided that I also want to write reviews. I’m not aiming to write about any new game that comes out, but I’ll write about the ones that actually make me want to do it. I’d like to rate the games with two votes: one that will be more objective, and one more personal. I have to see if that’s actually possible, but that’s what I am aiming for.
I don’t want Roll ‘n’ Play to become a review website just like others you can find online. I want to add a personal touch in every article, in every post.

Videogiocatrice da sempre, amante dei RPG e con una passione smodata per The Binding of Isaac. Nel tempo libero, oltre ai videogiochi, legge o ricama.