Gioco fin dal 1998. Nel corso degli anni ho scritto per vari siti videoludici per poi aprire un mio blog. Nel tempo libero, oltre ai videogiochi, adoro Dungeons & Dragons (5e), Magic: The Gathering, leggere e ricamare.


Two Words About DualSense

We are rapidly approaching a new generation of consoles. Sony, after a conference that was not advertised correctly, revealed DualSense, PlayStation 5’s new controller. It is clear that Sony is trying to renovate itself, first hint is the change of color from black to white, but they intend to keep the familiar design that we […]Read More


Why We Need a Re-release of The Sims 2

I already talked about the situation with The Sims 4 DLCs. You could see my nostalgia for The Sims 2 and the deep bond I have with that game. Lately I’ve been watching lots of videos made by the community (I even post some on my Facebook page) and I have come to agree with […]Read More

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How DLCs Ruined The Sims 4

I’m a big fan of The Sims since 2004: after spending two weeks playing the first chapter of the franchise with my cousin, I came back home and found out that The Sims 2 had just hit the stores. At the time I played only on consoles, but for The Sims 2 I was ready […]Read More

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About Reviews and Social Media

I’m thinking a lot these days about what I’m gonna do with this website. Having the freedom to do anything I want actually makes me wonder: what should I do? So I decided to take baby steps, and not wondering too much about the big picture. I’d like to talk about Magic: The Gathering, one […]Read More