#roadto2020 – Persona 4 Golden & Papers, Please!

I’m a bit late, so I decided to merge the posts of 23rd and yesterday!

I played both Persona 4 Golden and Papers, Please! in 2014, and they easily became some of my favorite games of that year.

I first played the vanilla version of Persona 4 in 2011, but actually finished it in 2013. I knew that I needed to play Golden too, since by 2013 RPGs had become my favorite genre. Persona 4 Golden adds lots of content, making the game even more enjoyable, even more than Persona 3 FES compared to the vanilla version. I actually played Golden three time while waiting for Persona 5. It was one of the best gaming experiences in my life.

Moving to Papers, Please!, I loved everything about this little indie gem. The concept is simple, yet it keeps the player hooked to the plot and the growing difficulty of the gameplay, with a unique style and a magnific soundtrack. I replayed it many times and I still enjoy it from time to time.


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