Ring Fit Adventure – My First Impressions

As I revealed on my Facebook page, yesterday I started playing Ring Fit Adventure. I decided to buy it after watching many videos about it from people who played it for months.

I am not a fit person: being 175cms and 83.6 kilograms I am classified as overweight. During 2020 I lost 13kgs and I want to keep losing some weight this year. This is why I bought Ring Fit Adventure.

Will this videogame be a game changer for my weightloss on its own? Of course not! I need to keep having a balanced diet and a caloric deficit if I want to see results. However, I decided to give Ring Fit Adventure a shot in order to enjoy fitness more.

This article will contain my opinion from my first two days of playing. I plan on writing monthly updates to talk about my progress both physically and with the game.

About the Ring-Con and the Leg Strap

One thing that impressed me while playing for the first time is how sturdy the Ring-Con is. It has a great resistance for a beginner like me and justifies the listing price of 79,99€ to buy the game.

To press and pull the Ring-Con looks easier than it really is and, as a beginner, I can really feel my arms working.

The Leg Strap is also well done and can easily fit people with bigger or smaller legs than mine, which are pretty average. That makes Ring Fit Adventure more accessible to everyone.

Both the Ring-Con and the Joy-Con inside the Leg Strap are very responsive: the game reads every move correctly and immediately, making the experience very smooth.

My First Two Days Of Playing

Yesterday I started with a difficulty level of 11 out of 30 (set by the game after I put my infos and made the calibration). I managed to play all three levels of the first world in about 20 minutes. Among other exercises I did, I jogged for 1 kilometer and I did about 50 squats to beat the enemies.

I did sweat A LOT and I woke up this morning with sore muscles.

Today I just finished playing Ring Fit Adventure. I decided to increase the difficulty level from 11 to 13 (out of 30), and I managed to play for about 12 minutes before feeling exausted. Increasing the difficulty level means that I have to make more reps for every exercise, that is why I got tired easily.

The game also provides stretching exercises pre and post-workout, which are completely skippable if you want. I did the pre-workout stretching both days and the post-workout one only yesterday.

For now I have had a great first impression about Ring Fit Adventure. Every now and then the game provides tips for both the exercises and for a healthier lifestyle. Also, I had lots of fun while exercising, which is a first for me!

I will definitely keep playing Ring Fit Adventure on a daily basis and I am looking forward for tomorrow’s session!