Heavy Rain

#roadto2020 – Heavy Rain

Yesterday was my birthday and I was a bit busy! So this is the game I was supposed to write about yesterday. Tonight I will publish the game of the day

17 February 2010, my father’s birthday. He bought Heavy Rain for us because he liked the box art. I’ve never been in good terms with him, and I don’t hear from him anymore, but the only times we didn’t argue were because of our passion for videogames.

I never heard anything about Quantic Dream, and I was totally blown away when I saw what kind of game it was. The plot is fantastic, and some of the choices have a real impact on what happens next. In my first run all protagonists died, so I replayed it again and again. Now I play more adventures like Heavy Rain (Telltale Games products could be put in the same genre), but in 2010 it was the only game like that I had ever played in my entire life.

After an entire decade, and replaying it on PlayStation 4, I can see the plotholes that Heavy Rain has. But, you know, I actually don’t care that much about its flaws. After all these years it’s still a wonderful experience.