Two Words About DualSense

Two Words About DualSense

We are rapidly approaching a new generation of consoles. Sony, after a conference that was not advertised correctly, revealed DualSense, PlayStation 5’s new controller.
It is clear that Sony is trying to renovate itself, first hint is the change of color from black to white, but they intend to keep the familiar design that we are accustomed to.

Here are some of the changes that I liked or that left me indifferent:

  • L2 and R2 are now adaptive triggers, much like LT and RT on a Xbox One controller.
  • The Share button is now replaced by Create: we are still waiting for new info about its features, but it shouldn’t have many differences except for the name.
  • DualSense will have an integrated microphone, so we won’t need a headset to talk with our friends while playing together.

Now for the bad things.

Touchpad and light bar are back, and I couldn’t be more disappointed. First introduced on DualShock 4, they both have been completely useless over time. The light bar also consumes lots of battery and I cannot see another function other than an aesthetic purpose.

Speaking of battery, apparently DualSense charge length will be like DualShock 4. Jumping on another generation should mean improvement, and I think that the battery duration is way more important than a useless light bar. We still have to see if this bit of the info released will reflect the reality.

Jumping to conclusions, I like DualSense’s design. It is aesthetically pleasing and a nice fusion between tradition and innovation. The feature that I like the most is finally having adaptive triggers, since I hated L2 and R2 in both DualShock 3 and 4.

Now we will wait further news from both Sony and Microsoft abouth the next generation!