Approaching The Next Generation of Consoles – Why I Won’t Buy Neither On D1

Approaching The Next Generation of Consoles – Why I Won’t Buy Neither On D1

Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, a choice that is tormenting many gamers around the world. I also questioned myself whether to buy one or the other, and I’ve come to a decision. I won’t buy neither of them on Day-One and maybe I will stick to my PC during their entire cycle.

Normally I would be ecstatic about a new generation of consoles, and for the first time of my life I would have the money to buy a console on Day-One. However, apart for the uncertainty about the price and the release date, I am not very excited about the games.

Of course titles like Horizon 2 (I still have to play the first one) and the new Fable have my interest, but it’s not enough. I already have a PC that I have built specifically for gaming. Plus, apparently the concept of console exclusives is being abandoned by both Sony and Microsoft.

The Gaming World Is Changing?

Microsoft already took a PC-friendly step with their Xbox Ecosystem. All the hottest new releases for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X will be available also on PC at launch.
Sony is taking small steps too, starting with the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC. On their Corporate Report they expressed their interest in publishing other games on Steam and expand their market to PC gamers.

Why is this happening? Because a vast majority of players are expressing less interest in gaming consoles and more in building their gaming PCs. The console market, however, is far from dead: a lot of people still prefer to have a dedicated gaming console in their living room.

Bringing their games to PC at launch or after a while will increase their earnings and will make the joy of many gamers.
Will Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 be the last gaming consoles? I highly doubt it. Just because the PC market is becoming bigger and bigger, a lot of players will stick to consoles. Plus, I think that Nintendo won’t become PC-friendly anytime soon.

Do I Like This Change?

For the entirity of my life, I always had a gaming console in my home. I still do. However, I must admit that being able to play only on a machine is a really tempting concept.

I am not a collectionist and I don’t buy many games at launch. My gaming backlog is really huge and I am not bothered if I have to wait two or three years between a PlayStation 5 release and the porting on PC.

I think that I will buy DualSense to play on my PC. I am not a fan of keyboard + mouse, and DualSense seems a good controller.

Maybe I will change my mind, maybe not. What I know for know is that I love that the gaming world is changing and evolving. Plus, only one thing really matters: to play good videogames.