#roadto2020 – Catherine

I decided that I wanted to buy Catherine after one single trailer. I had never played anything like that in 2011 and I barely knew Atlus only from Persona 3 and Persona 4 (which I finished between 2013 and 2014), but I needed it.
I bought the US Limited Edition in October 2011 from a local GameStop (the same where I found Dragon Age 2), I went straight home and started playing it. And I was damn right about Catherine. That purchase was meant to be.
Everything, from the mature story about marriage and relationships to the addictive gameplay and the marvelous soundtrack, made me play it many times.

I played Catherine twice, and got the Platinum Trophy twice, which required 100% completion of the game, with all the eight endings, Gold Prizes at Hard difficulty of all stages and finishing both Babel and Rapunzel (128 stages in total). And I had so much fun doing it that I bought Catherine Classic on PC and Catherine: Full Body on PlayStation 4 this year to relive one of the best experiences I had in my gamer life.

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