#roadto2020 – Super Mario Odyssey

Unfortunately, yesterday I couldn’t post, so today I will talk about two games into two separate articles!

I ordered Super Mario Odyssey the day I brought home my Nintendo Switch, since the shop only had bundles with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (the one I bought) and 1-2 Switch (which I didn’t like). It arrived the next morning, I put MK8 Deluxe aside and I didn’t play it again for a good two weeks.
It was the first time in my life (except for when I played Crash Bandicoot as a kid) that a platform kept me hooked from start to finish. I usually have to be pushed to complete one, since I’m not very good at them (or maybe I’m just convinced of that).

Nintendo is really good with both level design and artistic direction, and everything in Super Mario Odyssey shows you their talent. In nearly every level I stopped for a moment just to watch the landscape and the richness in details that surrounded me. The gameplay and the soundtrack are simply perfect, and I couldn’t thing of anything that would make this game any better.


I can just say that Super Mario Odyssey is one of my favorite games of all time.


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