September 2011. Local game store. Alice Madness Returns was sitting on the shelf of used games. The code of American McGee’s Alice still unused. I knew that I had to buy it even though I only saw the launch trailer and nothing else. And I made the right decision.

The twisted Wonderland created by American McGee is simply unforgettable and made me forget the little bits of the game that were not very polished. The story of Alice Madness Returns follows the previous game adding more to the lore and to Alice’s traumatic past. I reached the ending of the game literally in tears because of the flashback about the fate of Alice’s sister, Lizzie.
Maybe it’s because I was emotionally involved with the game, since it talked about sensitive arguments, but I have a special connection with this game.

McGee is currently working on concepts for Alice Asylum, but it’s not sure if we will get another entry in the series anytime soon.