The Testament of Sherlock Holmes was my first graphic adventure. I think I already said many times that I am a mystery novels fan, so it’s no wonder that I wanted to buy this game just because there is Sherlock Holmes in the title.
And once again, just like what happened with many title in my Top 20, I made the right choice.

I had many problems playing this title because of the laptop I had at the time. It was really old and the game kept crashing from start to finish, but I managed to enjoy it anyway. The story in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes is just fantastic, it keeps the player hooked on the screen. It had some technical issues (that I found out when I got a better computer), but it’s a gem for graphic adventure’s fans.

After some years, in 2016, I played The Devil’s Daughter, but the story wasn’t as powerful as the one in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. And it’s kind of sad, because you’d expect the quality of the series to improve not only technically speaking. I’m not saying that The Devil’s Daughter is a bad game, it just hasn’t that magic touch in the plot to make it unforgettable.