Why We Need a Re-release of The Sims 2

Why We Need a Re-release of The Sims 2

I already talked about the situation with The Sims 4 DLCs. You could see my nostalgia for The Sims 2 and the deep bond I have with that game. Lately I’ve been watching lots of videos made by the community (I even post some on my Facebook page) and I have come to agree with them: the developers have become lazier and lazier.
I think that the main reason is that The Sims franchise has no competition. There are not games with the similar features available. And that is why the developers have become lazier, for the lack of risk.
This is why they could get away with a horrible 20 year anniversary gift for the fans. A hot-tub. 20th anniversary. Hot-tub. I said enough. 

They could have done so much more for the anniversary of this franchise. Like bring back the Simology (the interests, zodiac sign and the memories of a Sim). Or make a remastered version of The Sims 2.

The community misses the innovation and creativity brought into the franchise by The Sims 2. A re-release would have been great even at a 40/50€ launch price. In 2004 I paid 54€ for the base game at launch.
I know that we could just patch The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition to make it compatible with Windows 10. I have the game on Origin (I lost my discs while moving out of my mother’s home years ago), but not many people have it. And it kind of sucks that Electronic Arts does not support a game with compatibility patches on their own store.
They could at least have released a patch and made The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition available again for purchase on Origin. We don’t even need a proper remastered, just a re-release of the game.

But why do we need The Sims 2 so bad?

A Rant about Things that Made The Sims 2 Great

For starters, the lore went completely missing with The Sims 4. First introduced in the second installment of the series with the Simology (as I said, the interests, zodiac sign and memories of a Sim). People still talk about Bella Goth’s disappearance and Olive Specter’s graveyard after sixteen years.
Premade households already had an ongoing story, and they all introduced some mechanics of the game. Here are some examples:

  • Curious Household – Alien pregnancy
  • Pleasant Household – Cheating
  • Specter Household – Retiring and Death by old age
  • Caliente Household – Burglars and Marrying a Rich Sim

We players had the power to make any choice we wanted. For example, I usually Daniel and Mary-Sue’s marriage and go on with Don Lothario leaving Cassandra Goth at the altar.

I played with premade households as much as with the ones created by me, and I always tried to create my own stories because is the part I enjoy the most. It’s something that I have not done since The Sims 2. The Sims 3 still had the lore bit in the game, but it just didn’t feel as good as the previous game.

Some features went also missing on The Sims 4, like burglars, the possibility of having your children accepted in private schools and no Social Bunny, just to say some of them. Others were added later on with DLCs and patches, for example aliens, Medical and Military carriers, pools and toddles. The funny thing about them is that they were all in The Sims 2 base game!
We also gradually lost depth of gameplay with children and teenagers. It looks like you can only have fun by playing with young adults/adults, and before The Sims 4 it was not like that. And don’t get me started with how difficulty went down.

Later installments improved some of The Sims 2 features, but we gradually lost what we could do with our virtual dolls. That is why we need The Sims 2 back. We need the developers and Electronic Arts to see what people want from the franchise.

Olive Specter has indeed interesting memories

A Word about Competitors

At the beginning of my rant, I said that The Sims franchise has no competitors. It has been like this for twenty entire years and it looked like this situation would stay like this forever. Three years ago Project Vie was announced, but it was later revealed that it was an hoax. After that, no one dared until now to challenge The Sims franchise.

Now a proper game that could compete with The Sims 4 has shown up: it’s called Paralives and it is and indie project (here are the Steam page and the Patreon page). The game started as a solo project, but by the time I am writing this post, two more people started working on the game. Screenshots and videos of the customization of objects and accessories look too good to be true, and I am looking forward for the release of this game.

Paralives brought back the customization level seen in The Sims 3, and improved it

Projects like Paralives should be a wake up call for EA. If you don’t give fans what they want, they will go looking for that elsewhere.
Because, I need to remind you, I am not the only one to say these things on the net. If I was the only one unhappy with The Sims 4, I would not rant this much about it. My only hope is that, with The Sims or another game, fans will finally get what they really want.