My #roadto2020

Another year is ending, but it’s also the end of an entire decade. Many things have changed, but one has never: my passion for videogames.
So I decided to open this blog, to talk with people about my love for this media, which kept me company since 1998. And what better way to start? Well, I decided to make a #roadto2020, talking about 20 games that meant something for me in this whole decade!
Starting Wednesday 11th December, I will publish a post every day until the 31th talking about one of those games, from the least to the most important to me and that were released from 2010 to 2019. Tomorrow I will publish a post about three games I played this decade, but were released before 2010.

Videogiocatrice da sempre, amante dei RPG e con una passione smodata per The Binding of Isaac. Nel tempo libero, oltre ai videogiochi, legge o ricama.