#roadto2020 – Splatoon

Since its announcement, I was interested right away. Splatoon was one of the main reasons that made me buy a Nintendo Wii U in the first place.
I would have never thought about getting that much excited for a multiplayer shooter since I’m not very fond of the genre. I guess that Splatoon is an exception for me because of its colorful art direction and its gameplay, which is similar to other shooters, yet with a twist that makes this game a real gem.
Even the Story Mode, which doesn’t matter that much in a game of its kind, is funny and kept me entertained for many hours.

Why did I choose Splatoon instead of its sequel? The Answer is simple.
Splatoon 2 is a good game, but in my opinion it doesn’t bring anything new to the franchise, so I lost my interest quickly.

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