Dragon Age 2

#roadto2020 – Dragon Age 2

I have a special bond with Dragon Age: Origins. It was the second RPG I played seriously, after Persona 3, and I fell in love with the characters, the story and the gameplay system. A year later, in 2012, I found Dragon Age 2 in a local GameStop and I had to buy it.
I agree with the many people saying that the second chapter of the series isn’t as polished and as epic than Dragon Age: Origins, but Dragon Age 2 has its appeal. In the game, you are not the chosen one, you are a person that tries to rebuild their life, the plot is more personal and there is a really good cast of characters just like the previous game.
The only thing that I didn’t really like about Dragon Age 2 is that you see the same locations every now and then, and it can become really repetitive in long sessions of gaming.

Dragon Age: Origins is more meaningful to me than the second chapter (and I haven’t played Inquisition yet, so I won’t talk about it), but it was released in 2009, so it was out of the range I decided for this Top 20. I still wanted to talk about Dragon Age 2 since I have good memories of it. I still remember the days I passed sitting on the floor in front of my PlayStation 3, totally hooked to the plot since I put the disc into the console.

I hope that Dragon Age: Inquisition will be tied to good memories just like its two predecessors!

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